Kayak 20-Jan-2022 Fom Callalisa Creek Park NSB

A really great trip to NSB with Mosquito Lagoon Paddlers

From Callalisa Creek Park we went LEFT

I've gone RIGHT several times with a Sea Kayak Group

Good Group, Had a lot of fun

Had a few short race legs with Armina in her ski - Lots of Fun

At the Beach Stop, Courtesy of Armina Grewell


Standard Map

Satellite Map

Satellite Map -a

Satellite Map -b

Satellite Map -c


Video -1 Outgoing Video

Video -2 To the beach stop point Video

Video -3 Leaving the beach Video

Video -4 Back to the start Video


Short Extracts of kayaks next to me - Workng on them!

.. TBD

The Irishman


***** Florida *****